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Theresa Stillman

We have loved having our daughter take guitar and piano lessons with Nick. He has really made it interesting and fun for her. We highly recommend!!!

Kaleisha Evans

My 14 year old daughter takes guitar lessons with them. She started this journey with no experience or background in playing musical instruments and has learned so quickly from them. They are great instructors and she enjoys her lessons with them every week.

Ashley Oberecker

Both of our children loved their weekly lessons with the instructors at the West Chester Music Academy! Learning how to play the Ukulele with Nick and Justin was a fun and enjoyable experience. We look forward to returning with our younger two children when they are ready!

Allison Treston

We have 2 boys taking lessons with Nick Doak, ages 11 and 9. Neither one had ever taken lessons before. Nick is very patient with the boys. They both enjoy spending time with him and have learned and improved so much. Nick offers a variety of guitar styles and teaches them current music which gets them excited! He is very flexible with timing which makes fitting lessons into a busy schedule possible. we highly recommend Nick and West Chester Music Academy!

Stacey Cotrotsios

My two daughters have been taking guitar lessons with Nick for 2-1/2 years, both on acoustic guitar and electric guitar. He has even taught my younger daughter how to play the ukulele. Nick is an awesome guitarist teacher. My girls have learned so much from him - how to read and write music, bar chords, strumming patterns, music theory and all different genres of music (like jazz, classical and even reggae). Nick can listen to any song my daughters want to learn, then immediately put the notes down on paper and teach it to them. Under his tuition, they’ve performed solo gigs, in their school talent shows, and for and with their friends. My older daughter also plays electric guitar in a teenage rock band. Thanks so much, Nick!!

Patrick Williams

We are in our second month of our 4 year old taking lessons with Nick. We were apprehensive to say the least because our guy is a free spirit and difficult to nail down for more than 30 seconds let alone a 30 minute lesson. We were also worried how the teacher would work with someone so young. Well in our time with Nick those concerns have all been eliminated. Our son starts and leaves each lesson equally excited about the guitar. Even after the lesson is over Nick takes the time to show our son some of his other string instruments and answer the questions a typical 4 year old asks. The patience Nick has with our son is very appreciated and we look forward to seeing our son progress with the guitar. I would certainly recommend Nick to younger students as our experience has been better than we could have wished for.

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