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Guitar & Bass Lessons in West Chester, PA

woman playing blue guitar
Ages 5 & up


Our guitar lessons focus on getting you to quickly be able to play your favorite songs or compositions! The guitar instructors at West Chester Music Academy are all experienced teachers and performers and can help you with any music style that you are interested in learning.

Guitar lessons with an instructor is the quickest way to learn proper techniques, theory, and also can help prevent bad habits from developing.  Having a guitar instructor is beneficial in that they can show you in "real time" how a song, lead lick or scale should be played; as other methods of learning can't see if you are playing something correctly or not!

Give us a call or email us at the information listed below and start your path to guitar greatness!

young child wearing headphones and playing small guitar


Ukulele are similar instruments as the guitar, but are easier to play for young students. They are smaller and the strings are easier to press down. Plus, they sound amazing and are very popular in music right now!

​Our teachers can even help you with guitar repair: such as the setup of your guitar or replacing your strings!

Click here to learn about our ukulele lessons!

Frequently Asked Questions

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